Hello, My Name is (Eric Contractor).

As Johnny Cash (and Dolly Parton) used to say... Anyway, I hope I've brought this website in with some proper style - pictures, music, futuro-gotham visuals included for your sensate pleasure (if only I could get some fancy cologne to spray through all your speakers as well). I feel like the pictures and visuals should compliment the spirit I intended to evoke on the album- this sort of elusive, shimmering parallel universe.  I wanted to make this site here as a central point for everything related to music complete with shows, news updates, etc.-  as well as anything that strikes my fancies, past, present, or future.  In additional to the ReverbNation, MySpace, etc. standard fare of music websites, I wanted to host a site with a blog format, which I hope people find interactive and engaging. As many of you know, my album "Night Escape" is going to be released with an accompanying show next Saturday, April 30th at the Waltz-Astoria @ 10 pm. I'm pretty excited to share this album- it's a summation of all of my efforts, energy, and growth as musician and a person thus far. The songs on the album are pretty eclectic in style, and there should be something for everyone on there. Anyway, in the spirit of brevity, that's it for now! Hope to post some pictures from the studio pretty soon!

- Eric Contractor (Forever).