Baktuns, Secrets......and a Holiday Show!


There is so much to talk about! Musical developments, re-directed routes/initiatives, internal calibration, introspection, world calamity, unfortunately, and the coming end of the current "Baktun!" All of these things have been swirling together with an increased intensity as we draw closer to the year's end. I have to say that although many focus on 2012 (y'all!) for external events, this year has been as powerful for our internal worlds. It seems that a major theme emerging is how so much of the visible and external events that are occurring in our world seem to be rooted in our internal life. I have been particularly preoccupied with the climate and environment of our physical world, and how this is mirrored by the general ills of society on a psychological level and spiritual level. At this time, I have had thoughts of an all encompassing and purifying night which could purge our world of its problems, restore happiness, and add need room to our thoughts, perceptions on life. Right now with the speed of life, I tend to focus intently on the natural elements of the sun, the sky, the clouds, and the rain- as constant powers that exist independently of the current times.

Another things that can always restore our clarity is music. At the current time, music has been going well as I continue to the put the finishing touches on new songs that will comprise my new EP or album (more on this later, I fully expect to have plans for this worked out in 2013!). I feel that the connection I have with songwriting and my vision in music has been intensifying recently. Perhaps it's me continuing to gain clarity on my future in music, or just the gravity of the times, but I feel like it's much easier to forge ahead with less doubt or questioning, or need for re-assurance. With such traumatic events recently, music, like the Sun, Moon, and sky, can serve as reminders of the endurance of our world. These are things which have existed through time in all their essential purity, and suggest that we will in time return to the reverence of our natural world. And songwriting can help me look beyond the seeming limitations and frustrations of the world around me as I imagine (and slowly implement) another world.

Which leads me to remind all that I will be playing a show on Friday December 21, 2012 at 10:30 PM at ZirZamin (90 W. Houston Street)! I know that date is of hot discussion, but I think it will be perfectly safe to come, and might as well play some music to mark the occasion! I played to spot back in August, and it's a quirky underground room with candles- and it kind of looks like a restaurant you might see somewhere in Europe. I hope some of you can make it out to the show! I look forward to playing for some old friends, and for some new people who have not heard me play live yet!

There are some other things I am looking out for in the coming year, some of which for the moment must be kept SECRET. Secrets can be really fun, and I think for the time being it's best not to say much about a major, possibly pivotal project I have in the works. Since it's in its early gestation period, I think it's best for me to slowly work on the project to gain a better sense of its scope, and get a sense of how to best present this to the world. I will drop some hints- it's involves music, big data, and our universe (I know that sounds far-flung)- and I think it relates to just about anybody!

And, for the time being resolutions are being made. For instance, I definitely plan to play beyond just the NYC area in 2013! I have my new project, my new music, and all kinds of initiatives. I would say that in total this year has been about clarity, and stripping away things that were not essential or part of our trajectory, even if this was unpleasant. For now,  resolutions and visions burn so powerfully within that I cannot contain them- so they will certainly be spilling out into the world for 2013!!!


Eric Contractor

California! Perseverance! Collective Longing....

Image    ImageLet's catch up! I hope this e-mail finds all very upbeat, and focused on their goals and materializing their goals and hopes for the future. Speaking of hopes, let me start with the picture above! This picture was taken last month in Santa Monica during my trip out to California. I thought this picture was very striking to me for many reasons. I forgot who took the picture- if it was me or Chris Westenberger, mathematician extraordinaire. To me, this picture really encapsulates many things that relevant to my (other people's?) lives right now. First, the Ferris wheel is always something that I associate with youth, escape, and light-hearted mirth. But, all around it is the dark night and the looming black ocean. To me, it was a very powerful symbol of the endurance of all our dreams and your aspirations holding forth against oblivion. It just seemed magical, ethereal, triumphant, and cheerfully defiant- all of which I think could be said about me now as I continue to believe and work with my music. Overall, the West Coast has a very different vibe to me- Los Angeles and California in general is said to be the ending point of all Western Civilization. (We stayed in downtown L.A., which is near the famous "MacArthur Park" of "MacArthur Park" the song fame- and there were no cakes anywhere in sight!!!)  It collects all of our projections and seems to project them back. And there is a very ethereal, illusory quality to the area- after all- Los Angeles is where so much of our culture, media, and values are projection from, and with that, the whole area's energy holds this subtle power. It creates myths, legends, and encapsulates so many American Dreams. What I loved was to dip my fingers and toes into this slipstream of collective longing so as to inspire what I already am and all the things that I am becoming. The different energy of the area during this trip allowed me a space to hold myself above heavier issues of the moment for some time and really re-collect.

Oh, and I had plenty of time to lounge around with my friend and drink some fancy drinks and take some hikes, and explore the burgeoning art scene of downtown Los Angeles. From there, we ventured up in a big ass Jeep at 86 m.p.h. up to Davis, California and the surrounding Bay Area. Davis, California is a charming little town with an emphasis on "sustainability," biking, asian food, and farming. Some of your may also recognize the town from the pepper-spraying  scandal that erupted on campus when students refused to cease their protest. None of that this time- just a charming little idyllic town with a marvelous 12 mile biking loop and good Chinese food (rare!)

The levity of my trip last month helped me focus intently on the challenges that I have been facing. So much of what I do is work that is being built and harnessed  from a world that doesn't physically exist yet. My job and challenge as an artist is to continually pull from that world and materialize it into this world, and to remain resolute in that process- even when it feels slow and painstaking. Whether it's finishing a new song, or attaining the perfect balance of concrete worldly action and other-worldy inspiration, I have to remain confident that I will fully realize my wishes. My mission with music is to reach people in a spiritual way, to communicate powerfully with my songs, and to enter a haunting realm of mass consciousness that can transcend the physical limitations of our lives. But, I must remind myself, this broader vision is completed one lyric at a time. One e-mail at a time. One period of research at a time.

Right now is honestly an excellent time for everyone to find the tangible steps for their biggest, grandest aspirations. I know that many of us are learning how to implement our eventual wishes with systematic steps over a larger period of time. Anyway, to us, and our future!


Eric Contractor

P.S. Spotify Search: "Did you mean "Epic Contractor?" No- but, actually, yes!

(In other words, my album "Night Escape" can be found on Spotify!!!)

Show at ZirZamin! Micro-Opera!

Image (Preliminary Poster)

Hello Reader!

I now realize that it has been a while since I have last updated, and for that I should be properly abashed! But no matter, all of you fair/buxom/dapper readers should take solace in knowing that I have not been able to post simple because I have been so busy being E(p/r)ic. And that includes, new ideas, plans, sketches, and moves.....

The first of which was my move from NYC to New Jersey. When I found out that my roommates and I had to leave our apartment, I decided to simply go with the flow, and come back to New Jersey for a little while. While I have been out here, I have been allowing my thinking, internet consumption, circadian rhythm, and practice schedule to come into relative balance. Put simply, everything in New Jersey is slower. I'm talking food service (don't even get me started!), driving, walking, and the expiration of tired, running jokes. It seems that happenstances and identities and points-of-view are so varied and many in NYC that someone can run through several in the course of a week. However, I have to say that the slower pace in the Tomato State is allowing me to consolidate and focus my thinking for my upcoming plans. (By the way, since when did people start saying "Y'all" in the Northeast?)

And, being out in New Jersey doesn't mean that I am not still involved with New York. In fact, I have been coming for hanging out, inspiration, and a couple classes. I will also be performing a show in NYC at the intriguing venue ZirZamin (90 W. Houston Street) on Saturday August 25th at 7 PM! I am look forward to this show because I am excited to play music for some friends of mine who have never seen my performance in a live setting. I always love to present my work to people for the first time- and- I feel recently like my performing and a sense of my purpose as a performer has been consolidating as well....

I also have been in talks with film director extraordinaire Audrey Lorea (currently working on her feature length sci-fi film "Heaven is Now") for a short film that will be based around one my new songs. Right now, we are aiming for a performance art, possibly scripted short film that will use a more experimental approach with integrating my music. We are going for something bold, visually stunning, possibly irreverent, and of course tremendous. We are now finding out sources of inspiration from all places and ages, but I don't want to give away too much on this just yet......

But, overall, more than ever, I am learning to really trust my instincts, which are currently telling me to continue to vivify my vision and follow it wherever it may go. I've gotten into trouble in NYC trying to do this or that because it's the thing I felt I was supposed to do....according to conventional wisdom, or simply because other people have done it. But in a calling that is equal parts inspiration, arduous achievement, and exceptions, conventional wisdom really only goes so far. This means that I have just been taking time to lessen the exposure to other extraneous voices and opinions. And, as far as I can tell, one of the general themes of the 2012 (Y'all) era is that the old, overly obvious ways of going about things don't work.

And isn't it so much more enjoyable to go on your own path? After all, no one will be a better you than you. Best regards!!! More updates soon.....


Eric Contractor