Outwards, Onwards, and Beyond....

       Hello Everyone!

I haven't written in a little while, but I've been busy and all over the place. This past month, a dominant theme of life and my music in general has been expansion. I have put out my album, played to new people, and even traveled to across the Atlantic to Barcelona. Above, pictured, is me eating lunch in Barcelona, and to the right is a picture of Parc de Montjuic. I traveled over there with both my mother and brother, and had a good time. Barcelona is a very beautiful city, and while its cultural endowments (in terms of the arts, museums, etc) may not be as rich as that of NYC's (how could it be?) it compensated with its beauty and fantastic weather. I did check out the Picasso museum, which specialized in his Blue Period works (some of my favorites). I regret not making it to see any Dali (A Barcelona native) works, and no the picture above was painted by another brilliant artist Anneli Curnock (more on this later).

Following along this idea of expansion, I have been delighted to give out my album "Night Escape" to all of my friends, as well as to those with whom I am less acquainted. The idea here is to always court some new listeners who can enjoy my music.  After the money, songwriting, studio time, fatigue, and my endless drive, it's a pleasure to get some of you out there to listen to the album. If anyone has any thoughts about the tracks, I'd love to hear them. A natural question a lot of artists probably have after they complete their works and send them off could be-"Who is looking/hearing this?" "What the hell are they thinking when they do?" "Would they rather be eating Fruit Loops than listening to new music?" But, part of putting your work out there is about letting go, and allowing it be received in a myriad of ways. That control is out of my hands, and can be daunting, but its part of the growth I am seeking as a musician.....

Back to the painting above. I will be doing a collaborative show with my friend Anneli Curnock on June 10th, 2011 at 8PM the Cin-M-Art Space (43 Murray St, NY, NY). We've talked about doing this for a while, and this will be another way to branch out and try something exciting and new. She will be showing her artwork alongside my music show at this venue. We've always felt out works could complement one another's- as both kind of embody a darker, nocturnal feel. I'm pretty excited to be collaborating with such an incredible artist. Such powerful imagination is rare. See for yourself:


*Check out her website at www.annelicurnock.com!!!*

Anyway, there are more developments coming, and I will let you know shortly about all of them as they are ready to be announced. Oh, I also have a show on June 21 at 4PM at Macri Square in Williamsburg for the Making Music NY Festival. Anyway, that's it for now, I'll be back to update soon.

E. Contractor (Forever?)