Show at Pete's Candy Store!

Hello Everyone!         

(Drawing - A. Curnock)             (Picasso)                      Rubber Plant

I am writing to you from within the depths of a full-blown Halloween s(n)ow(ck) -it-to-me. As I awoke, I was stunned to see 2 inches of snow all over my deck. But, since it's been just two months since I found myself in the midst of raging flood due to Hurricane Irene, my shock threshold is quite high and healthy. Biped transportation today proved futile- in an earlier voyage my feet skidded everywhere in a full slushy shuffle all over  the sidewalk. No matter though- today I have been staying indoors, having whimsical visions of sled dog transportation this winter, and re-energizing for my show at Pete's Candy Store , this Tuesday November 1st at 10:30 PM!

(October Snow)

For those who are less familiar, Pete's Candy Store is a famous staple of the Williamsberg music scene, and I am pretty honored to be playing there. (For futher notice all mentions of Williamsburg relate to the neighborhood in Brooklyn, not the colonial town in VA (god those tours were boring!)). The venue and performance space is neatly modeled after the inside of a train car, and this is just a cool place to hang out in the neighborhood in a very relaxing, low key way. So if anyone is out in the area in the evening, you should definitely come out! I can't wait to deliver a a cool show in this intimate and unique venue in NYC.

And I have some further musings- it's funny- because in other years, an October snowstorm would have felt even more shocking- but truth be told, after seeing my mom's house being ripped apart by a flood, and the months of subsequent repair, a mere snowstorm looks like good, trivial fun. Recently, I've almost come to expect the most extreme possible outcome when it comes to the weather, social upheaval, technological advancements. Doesn't anyone else sense the escalation of dramatic events? While so many of these things seem to be overwhelming, unprecedented, and wild, all of these things, I feel, are happening to allow us to move on from older paradigms and elevate us into a more graceful existence on this planet. I can't say exactly where we are headed, but all I can say is that if people want change, wild occurrences should be expected as the agent of change. Grand statements, I know.

But, here I sit at least making some attempt to contextualize the world I live in. It's so much easier to dissociate from the world and resign from one's heartbeat in this seeming madness, but I feel like I want to make an effort to constantly view myself and those around me in a tangible, historical context. I want to emotionally feel a sense of urgency- a sense that we matter and that the reality of our lives, choices, and inclination make palpable, long term effects for the better. For me, in in throes of a cultural bewilderment and conflict, music can be an excellent grounding to gain this fresh and vital perspective. But this perspective can require a voluntary effort- and a drive to create focus and order- and to allow the storms to play out through my music. So for now, I can't help but feel I am in for some excitement- for my music and from all kinds of whacky events. The possibilities right now feel larger than ever....and we are on the brink of something....

And you ain't seen nothing yet.....