Still 2012, Y'all

 I hope all are well! A common theme I am seeing in the people I know are breakthroughs- both professionally and personally. As I talk to many friends, we all seem to agree that right now, people are having major transitions into their lives, and are being re-aligned with their true missions in life. I have also be noticing how life recently has been loaded with immense symbolism. It seems as if the people, things, events, words, and conversations that I have been encountering have had undeniable meaning on many levels- and that they all seem to have a hidden clues and lessons about where to head next. But this warrants its own discussion.....
       As I write this particular post, I am finding myself totally excited about music, life, and the general unfolding of events in general. Though it is hard to say what this summer will bring, I anticipate times of transformation and fervor to continue. Though it may seem right now as if events are looming in the ether, I can let you know about some more concrete developments!!! Aside from making a video for "Coming 'Round My Door" at Boston University, I have been writing new songs, making videos, and even recording a rendition of Radiohead's "Reckoner."  I am also very pleased to announce that this Wednesday, May 30th at 8:20 PM, I will be appearing on Evan Ginzberg's "Legends Radio." I will be doing an interview- discussing the nature of my work and my involvement in music, and snippets of my tracks from "Night Escape" will be played as well. I look forward to discussing and sharing my work through this internet radio program.  To listen to the show, go to and click on "Listen Live" this Wednesday at 8:20 PM. 
        This July, my interview and performance from the lovely Jay Grayce's "Cyber Serenade" will also air (more on this later). I will also be playing a show at Gizzi's on Friday June 8th at 9 PM.I am grateful to be active in my music, and I am now prepping an expansive course of action for the summer. These developments will come to light as the summer wears on- and I cannot wait to share this natural unfolding of things as they come. I am positively certain of change. Right now, I am taking pleasure as the days and night run together, and time works in mysterious ebbs, flows, and inversions. And, if there was ever a time for change, now is it. This is to riding the wave!